New Product Alert

7th March 2018

At Timbereist we are always looking to expand our product range, and so we are proud to announce that we are adding both Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch cladding profiles to our already extensive

Western Red Cedar is widely used for its timeless appeal, beautiful aesthetics and overall versatility. It starts a reddish brown colour, and if left untreated ages to a silvery grey. It’s an incredibly modern form of cladding which lends itself perfectly to a variety of construction types. Be it commercial, residential, new builds or renovations. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. With each method giving a distinctly different look.

Western Red Cedar is also renowned for its dimensional stability, with a density ranging between 330-390kg/m3; it insulates exceptionally well and is an absolute dream to work with. Western Red Cedar’s density means it also has a decidedly low shrinkage factor, meaning less twisting and warping over time. These various properties mean that Western Red Cedar needs significantly less maintenance compared to other cladding options.

Our other new cladding option is the incredibly popular Siberian larch. Its appearance is different from that of Western Red Cedar, in that it starts a slightly golden/pale brown colour and then if left untreated ages to a striking silvery grey colour.

Siberian Larch has beautiful colouring and texture, especially when its combined with particular building types.

It’s quite a high-density softwood ranging somewhere between 590 and 730 kg/m3, making it one of the hardest commercial cladding options on the market. This high density means its also incredibly durable and particularly well suited to external cladding, as its more resistant to warping and external damage.

Both are also available in a selection of different profiles, thicknesses and qualities to suit all tastes. Our incredibly helpful will be happy to discuss which one is ideal for you.

If you are considering a new build, or perhaps a renovation of your home? Maybe try cladding it with one of the above options, they are carbon friendly, thermally efficient, and low maintenance.  They will also add a tremendous amount of character to your build.

We are so pleased to have these products available at Timbereist, as they can add so much to the external feel of the property. We are eager to show what you guys can do with these beautiful products, so stay tuned for in the future!

Call our sales team on to discuss all of your cladding needs; we are always happy to help.